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Turtle Tyrants Pack by "Trash Mob Minis"


The mini figures are illustrated by Trash Mob Minis. Follow them on Twitter, and buy their digital sets on DriveThruRPG.

Sets sold by JPsCreations.com are printed double sided, laminated for protection, and laser cut.

This troop of terrible terror-pin are ready to raise shell! Turtle Tyrants: Army Pack is a set of printed paper miniatures, perfect for tabletop RPGs and wargames!

Tired of orcs and goblins? Mix up your encounters with the parody pack of cold-blooded killers! Drop a barrage of angry snapping turtles on your party, or rumble with the Turtle Tyrant himself! Turtle Tyrants: Army Pack will mix that classic hop 'n bop in with your hack 'n slash!

Turtle Tyrants: Army Pack contains: Bone Turtle x2, Cloudling Bombardier x2, Spiked Snapper x6, Turtle Tyrant x2, Green Turtle Troopers x2, Red Turtle Troopers x4 (With optional 2.5D wings x4) and Hammer Brute x2.

Trash Mob Minis are printed paper miniatures. They have a front and back, include bases and instructions. They are intended for tabletop games played at around the 25-30mm scale.

Click here for a stat page for the Turtle Tyrants made by @PirateGonzalez

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