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Heroes 7 'Foul Tidings' by "Trash Mob Minis"


Foul Tidings contains 33 double sided, laminated, and laser cut paper models of the heroes: Molek the Drow Bloodhunter (x3), Lyra the Half-Elf Wizard/Sorcerer (x3), Myailah the Human Cleric/Fighter (x3), Daeghan the Gnome Wizard (x3), Vashta the Dragonborn Sorcerer/Bard (x3), and Kaprul the Gnome Barbarian (x3)!

There are also skin option for an Elf Barbarian (x3), Elf Druid (x3), Human Cleric (x2), Gnome Druid (x2), Green Dragonborn Bard (x3), & Gnome Brave (x2).

Beat back all those paper beasts with this crew of heroes! This pack of adventurers is based on the adventuring party "Foul Tidings" and features a full lineup of their characters, as well as alt skins!

Trash Mob Minis are paper miniatures. They are intended for tabletop games played at around the 25-30mm scale. The mini figures are illustrated by Trash Mob Minis. Follow them on Twitter, and buy their digital sets on DriveThruRPG.

Sets sold by JPsCreations.com are printed double sided, laminated for protection, and laser cut. Includes 10 free bases per page.

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