Trash Mob Minis Sets

Dragons 2.5D set by "Trash Mob Minis"

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The mini figures are illustrated by Trash Mob Minis. Follow them on Twitter, and buy their digital sets on DriveThruRPG.

Sets sold by JPsCreations.com are printed double sided, laminated for protection, and laser cut. Includes a frame of Large bases.

Calling all dragon slayers! The Dragons: 2.5D Model Kit is here! It contains everything you need to build seven unique dragons! These brightly colored paper models are packed with that iconic draconic charisma, and look great on the tabletop! The dragons tower over any foolish hero. They'll make excellent boss monsters in your game!

Dragons: 2.5D Model Kit includes: Shadow Dragon x1 (pg1), Bone Dragon x1 (pg1), Red Dragon x1 (pg2), Green Dragon x1 (pg2), Black Dragon x1 (pg1), White Dragon x1 (pg1), and Blue Dragon x1 (pg2)

All Trash Mob Minis have a front and back, and are intended for games played at the 25-30mm scale.

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