Trash Mob Minis Sets

Mimics: Theme Pack by "Trash Mob Minis"


Mimics: Theme Pack contains paper models of the monster and item forms for a Barrel, Coffin and Treasure Chest Mimic. The standing coffin can be laid down as a Tile Option!  

“Give your players trust issues with the original Loot Boxes that ruined gaming, Mimics!” - Mob Boss

Lure looters to an early grave with this trio of tricksters! Are these tokens harmless dungeon accessories? Or could they be carnivorous creeps?

Trash Mob Minis are printed paper miniatures. They have front and back printing, include bases (10/page). They are intended for tabletop games played at around the 25-30mm scale. 

The mini figures are illustrated by Trash Mob Minis. Follow them on Twitter, and buy their digital sets on DriveThruRPG.

Sets sold by are printed double sided, laminated for protection, and laser cut. Includes 10 free bases per page.

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