Printable Heroes Sets

Mimic Door Army from June 2018 by 'Printable Heroes'


Sleazy looking monster salesman: “Are adventurers barging through every door you own without a thought? Maybe they need to come across an infestation of mimics posing as doors. That’ll teach ‘em… Muahahahahaha!”

A Mimic Army contains 18 double sided figures. 6 doors, 6 open doorways, and 6 door mimics.

This is a physical set of figures from the Printable Heroes art set from June of 2018. Each figure is printed double sided, Laminated, and then laser cut.

Is  made of a double sided photo paper that has been printed on both sides then sealed and protected by clear lamination. More tear resistant and art protective. Then that is laser cut with precision leaving clean edges. The laminate can be wrote on with dry or wet erase markers. A bit of alcohol will also remove permanent marker from the laminate.

Includes 10 FREE bases per page.

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