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Custom Print Layout of "Printable Heroes"

from 8.00

This is a Print layout that will be made custom based on the characters of your choice from Printable Heroes. These are made to order and take longer than standard sets available.
Build your own set!

Custom page = $15 : Choose which creatures and the number of them that will be included. The $7 extra is to cover the editing cost.
Copies of a custom page = $8 : Copies of a page you already paid the editing fee for cost the standard $8 price.

The price is per page. The number of figures a page can hold depends on the figures chosen and their size. For reference, I have found a page can hold about 50 small creatures OR about 24 medium OR about 8 large OR 3 huge OR 1 gargantuan.

Any left over empty space will be filled with extra copies, I nest in as many figures per page as possible, all about that bang for your buck!

(Assuming they all fit on the one page. If the requested set spills over to multiple pages, you would be required to purchase the quantity to the number of pages required.)

Go to to see the catalog of figures designed by Printable Heroes

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