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Circle Bases -MEGA SIZES singles

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1 Colossal, 1 Gargantuan, 1 Huge, 3 Large, 6 Medium, 8 Small, 13 Tiny

These are bases for mini figures that I designed. These use my Mark II design for the slot that creates a spring force in the mini figure with a small bump. They have a strait section to easily insert the figure, then sliding it a bit to the side slides it over the bump.

Custom bases are made and cut to order. There can be a production time delay while your bases are hand painted, possibly textured, or stenciled, and clear-coated with multiple layers of protective finish. Inevitably with lots of sanding in there too. Can be any color, or multiple colors with texturing for forest (green shades, brown shades) or maybe icy (blue shades, White), Blood spatter (top coat of red splatter), Dungeon Cobblestone (gradianted background, stencil stones, shadow wash, dry brush highlights). Give me a target and I will aim my art.

Random finished bases are made out of the left overs from custom sets or from my experiments into different finishes and multiples of bases that are thematically cool. Chances are high that I will have these on hand so they are faster than Custom, but a bit slower.

Unfinished bases are the starting block. I have a TON of them on hand. They are the cheapest option and fastest shipping. They have the back sided painted black, and front side unfinished.

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