The Home of John Puh

Hi, I'm John, an Engineering student with a laser cutter and a camera along with proficiency in a handful of tools, programs, and techniques. This site is my attempt to use the skills I've collected so far to pay for my college tuition. I have partnerships with Artists to produce their art, if you are an artist interested in a JP print/cut option of your art then send me a message through the contact me page. To see some of my previous work, check out my Portfolio that is the whole Art section.

JP Originals : My designs

To start with these are some of the files that I have designed for Laser cutting. A handful are free files, intended as samples and examples of mechanisms. The more complex and cooler files have a price that I think they are worth based on the amount of time and R&D that it took me to design the file. Often times I have the old version of the file for free or a lower price for the cheapskates like me… but they are the old version for a reason. Usually because they were a pain to build or had vital flaws that were fixed in the new version. But I know there are a lot of people who just want free stuff, even if it’s slightly less good free stuff, so that’s why it’s there. All files are intended for personal use. If there are any that you are interested in using for commercial manufacturing and sale, then please contact me - that would require a royalty of 10% of the sale price per unit sold.

Laser Cut Mini Figures Details

The pages below have been licensed for me to manufacture with Royalties paid to the author. I print them double sided, laminate them, and then laser cut the pages. I do everything I can to prevent the vaporized paper and plastic from condensing onto the page during the cutting, though there is always some residue. The residue is a fine burnt powder and leaves a dark coloring. The upside is it can be easily washed off with a damp washcloth and light soap. Could stain light color fabrics - Use caution. The act of washing the page can often ‘pop out’ the figures so I avoid it to prevent possible figure lossage during shipping and handling. The laminate provides water resistance and the ability to use markers on them. Alcohol cleans ink off the laminate quite well for marker use. The wood bases also have residue from the cutting process, but also includes the woods resin that is brown and oily. They could also be washed with a damp washcloth and light soap. I recommend that when popping out the bases to hold them with the engraved text facing you, and push the base out away from you; then the tab tear out will break from the frame, not the base.

Printable Heroes Pages

Here are some featured pages! Click on the title to go to the full page with ALL the sets.

Your art could be sold here!

If your an artist and would be interested in having your art manufactured and sold by then contact me.

I'll give you a 10% cut off the top for any sets/prints/packs that I make and sell!