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I love building and working with my hands. I started with arts and crafts, then moved up to saws and drills. Now I'm tackling the use of computers to program and control automated tools. My skills are varied, and I apply them to my craft with artistic precision. My designs attempt to balance beauty, durability, and utility.

If you have an idea of something that you would like designed and crafted by JP then please contact me with a description of what you are interested in. Use the 'CONTACT' button to the right and receive a free estimate for custom work and designs. I may give discounts for items that I think would make good kits or episodes.

My general rates are:
$20/hour for Design, Material preparation,  and Assembly time.

$30/hour for Laser cutting time.

Some standardized common requests:
~$20/Sheet (12"x20") of custom finished plywood ready for lasering. (paint, stain, or dye; then 5 layers of polyacrylic clear with sanding between each coat; then masked for protection)

$15/page (8.5"x11") for Custom Design and layout from a single sided to Double sided printing conversion, and 1 copy printed, laminated, and laser cut; For any printed media. Could be mini figures, terrain, game tiles, invitations, business card, or whatever you could think of. (AKA: If you supply the images, files, pdf, ai, png, psd, crd, dxf, etc. and I have to create the double sided print file. *super complex files may have extra charges*)

$8/page (8.5"x11") for Copies of double sided print ready file - printed, laminated, and laser cut. (AKA: If you supply a file that's ready for double sided printing, or I already made one)

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