Review of the Holiday sale

For anyone who was curious about the high (50%) discount on the laser cut mini figure pages during the holiday sale, that was in part my testing of my wholesale price.

I am in the middle of setting up pages for wholesale, which will only be available to store owners to then re-sell the pages in their store. The price allows them to cover their mark-up and still maintain my manufacturers suggested retail price. However, that price will only be obtainable by ordering multiple prints of the pages and in high quantities. I am debating whether I will make a holiday wholesale sale an annual event, let me know your thoughts.

I do know from the data I collected that I need to raise the price of the bases ($5 ea @ the time or writing this) to make them feasible for whole sale, at the current rate, I am losing money on them.

I will know more after I sit down with excel and the data and crunch some numbers, though I am hopeful that I can push some of these laser cut pages onto some store shelves. If you are a game store owner, and you would like to be a beta tester, please email me at