EED 110 - P1 - Paper Cube

EED 110 - P2 - Foamcore Box

EED 110 - P3 - Wood Box

EED 110 - P4 - Metal Box

EED 110 - P5 - Tool Box


8 deck card box - Woodworking

Metal Hugo Statue

2 part Laser cut Christmas Tree

Folding Beer Carrier with vines

Gift boxes - Friction lid

Folding Beer Carrier Mark 1

Hinged Back Panel

Folding Beer Carrier Mark 2.0

Colored wood using fabric dye

Dice Box mark 4.0

DND Box with Attempted Pop-up Terrain design

Puzzle box with a trick lid and internal maze.

Some Leather Joker and Harley Masks

Treasure chests Mark 4

Dyed fabric art - Griffen

Dice Tower - Mark 1

Extra shinny Polyurethane Finished Wood

Jewelery Box - Tall with Flowers

Book style Box

Pepakura Paper-craft Knife

Piano Themed Pop-up Card

Commisioned CNC Sign "The Phoenix"

Leather Masks for a masquerade

Pepeakura paper craft "rookie" helmet

Silly Knife and hatchet

Portal themed Coasters

Pi day apple Pie

Hand forged Khopesh style hatchet-knife

Charcoal drawing "still life"

DND Character Doodles

Pencil Drawing "Hands"

"Fiddler on the Roof" set photos

CNC cut wall paint stencil

"Dark of the Moon" set photos

"Wind in the Willows" set photos

"South Pacific" set photos

"Camelot" set photos

Wooden Master Sword with fiberglass core.

Commissioned Acrylic Picnic Basket

"Dragon DJ Booth" CNC Cut File design

DND Game tile Test

Wine box Mark 1

Old 466.JPG

Trick Lid Puzzle Box